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Tarot Distance Reading - General

Minimum 3 card spread, done by phone with transcript. Schedule your reading 7 days in advance.

  • 30 min
  • 30 US dollars
  • Phone Call through Zoom (no video)

Service Description

Tarot works with a person's energy, which can be done in person or from any distance. ​ All that's required is a picture of your face (unfiltered) and a few minutes by messenger or text to chat ahead of time. If there is a specific question you'd like an answer to, let me know ahead of time by message. Otherwise, we'll connect by phone at the time of your reading interpretation, and I'll go over the cards I drew and their meaning. We can discuss any questions you have at that time. ​ I start with a 3 card spread reading for your recent past, present, and near future. Often, additional cards are pulled to clarify the reading. I continue to pull cards until I feel the message is complete and clear. I will also provide you with an audio copy of the call or, if you prefer, a written transcript of the call, to reference and reflect on later. ​ I draw the cards for the reading prior to our call, not live, and go over those results with you on a phone call. The date you schedule from the "Book Now" section is for that call. Cards have many interpretations and through meditation prior to our scheduled call, I determine the best interpretation meant for you. I will call on your guardians to guide me to the best possible message for you in THIS moment. If you have questions prior to the call or want more information before you're ready to book the appointment, send an email or chat live.

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