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Health & Nutrition Coaching


Healthy Nutrition

What is a Health Coach?

A Health Coach helps people gain the knowledge, skills, tools, and confidence to take responsibility for their diet and lifestyle to change their habits and reach their health goals. It requires a well-honed toolkit of evidence-based practices and the knowledge of how and when to employ those tools. A fundamental understanding of behavior change, motivation, and coaching theory is required to be a competent and effective health coach. 

Positive psychology is a cornerstone of coaching. Whereas traditional psychology has focused on what's "wrong" with people and what needs to be "fixed," coaching philosophy focuses on what has, can, and will work better for you. This means that instead of rooting around for problems to dwell on, a coach will work with you to harness your strengths to improve the unhealthy behaviors and habits you want to address.

Coaches know that sustainable health comes through incremental but essential changes. 

Mindful Exercise & Motion

Interested in weight loss? I have a program for you! Ask me! Or schedule a call above to discuss the details.

How Can a Health Coach Help Create Positive Changes?

Whether you need help transitioning to a traditional low-carb lifestyle or creating healthy habits, I can help you meet your goals.

Contact me to start diving into any of these:

  • Transition to a traditional low-carb diet

    • Creating a meal plan

    • Understanding & using macros

    • Assistance getting through carb withdrawal comfortably 

    • Low carb recipes

    • Assistance with carb cravings & triggers

    • Finding low-carb replacements

  • Change self-sabotaging eating habits

    • Stress eating

    • Bored eating

    • Cravings & triggers

    • Emotional eating

    • Mindless eating

    • Cheat day mentality

  • Creating healthy habits

    • ​Sticking with a fitness routine consistently 

    • Finding ways to incorporate more movement in your life

    • Improve your sleep habits​​

    • Making healthier food choices

      • ​Eat more fruits & vegetables
      • Reduce snacking

      • Reduce portion control

    • Improve your hydration

    • Reduce stress & anxiety

    • Increasing self-esteem & confidence

    • Prioritizing self-care​

  • Assistance staying motivated & accountable

Supplemental Nutrition for Health
Mindful Eating

Can a Health Coach Actually Help?

Doctors want you to meet your health goals but don't have time to encourage you each step of the way. That's one gap Health Coaches fill. They are supportive partners who help you map and track your progress, identify and access all potential resources and supports, and break down external and internal barriers standing between you and better health.

According to a study from the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, lifestyle coaching is effective with clients and has shown vast health improvements in diabetes, obesity, and metabolic syndrome. 

Another recent article from Mayo Clinic stated that "health and wellness coaching is now a respected discipline with the potential to positively change behaviors and health outcomes." The Compendium of Health and Wellness Coaching: 2019 Addendum found that health and wellness coaching leads to better overall wellness and improves outcomes in various diseases, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease.

Does a Remote Coaching Session Work?

Many studies show coaching appears to be equally as effective when administered remotely by phone or the Internet when compared with face-to-face coaching. This provides tremendous flexibility, as coaching can be performed in person, over the phone, or via videoconferencing.

This means no matter where you live I am able to work with you and assist you in making your own transformative health changes.

Take a moment to schedule a call to discuss your challenges and how I may be able to assist in creating new healthier behaviors
Healthy Activities

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a psychosocial intervention that is used to improve mental health. CBT focuses on challenging and changing unhelpful attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs, which, in turn, is believed to help with behavior change, coping strategies, and emotional regulation.


CBT training makes your coach a behavioral change specialist, with a key focus on assisting people in creating healthy, long-term changes that stick. 

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Services & Pricing

For our weight loss program, which is separate, contact me!


Text or Private Message Sessions

This monthly package is helpful as a standalone service or to augment your 1-on-1 sessions to help keep you motivated, on track, and accountable. These coaching sessions are available on an as-needed basis with the coach being accessible through text, zoom, or private chat.

Questions? Schedule a Discovery Call



per month

Nutrition Health Coaching


Phone or Video 1-on-1 Session

1-on-1 sessions can help you improve your eating habits, create new routines, and a mindset that better serves you. Whether it's eating better, reducing stress, or making self-care a priority, in-depth sessions with "homework" will help you take control back and make healthy changes.

Questions? Schedule a Discovery Call



per session

Develop a Meal Plan


Phone Appointment

Want to eat low-carb but need assistance with what to eat? Let's develop a personalized meal plan that will work for our lifestyle and goals. After a call to determine your food preferences and needs allow a minimum of 2 weeks for the 30-day meal plan to be crafted and finalized.

Questions? Schedule a Discovery Call



per meal plan

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