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About our Practitioner & Coach

Tracey Miles, Certified Health Coach
Tracey Miles

I appreciate your interest in my practice. My mission is to help people heal - habits, health, mindset, emotional well-being - to enable them to reach their full potential. This is the story of how I got here. 

I'm a mother of two children, which might seem perfectly normal at a glance. I enjoyed a full career, putting off getting married and becoming a mom until relatively later in life. 

Before we became parents, I was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition caused by a faulty collagen gene. It's a very disabling and painful condition, and the diagnosis came as quite a blow to the future I'd envisioned for my life. 

I found renewed purpose in motherhood but nearly lost myself somewhere along the way. I was putting everyone else's needs before my own while being swept away in the whirlwind of day-to-day parenting. I was sure I didn't have time to even think about what needed to change, let alone take any action to change it.

As is often the way in life, ignoring your inner voice multiplies any issues tenfold, and the universe was swift to bring me a reality check. I was filled with pain and sadness and a loss I couldn't pinpoint as I looked at my life and at myself. Something was missing and the void had become a gaping hole.

Somewhere along the way, I looked at my life and said, this is not the life I want to be living...this is not the person I want to be. I was stagnated and no longer making forward motion. I was massively unhappy with what I saw.  

So I made a plan to change the one thing I had control over - myself. I made some small changes, and then I changed some more, and even more. And as it gained momentum, I started to breathe again and feel better, until finally, I was headed in the right direction.

Dragonfly Transformation
"During this tremendous growth period, I became many things, discovering parts of myself I'd buried or hadn't tapped into..."

I needed to be physically healthier, but my condition makes exercise of any kind excruciating and prone to injury. I knew I'd have to find a way to lose weight solely through nutrition. I started a weight loss program that, unlike so many others I'd tried, helped me reach my goal of losing 50 pounds almost effortlessly. Along the way, it taught me to dig into my eating habits and learn how to change them long-term. This one tiny thing was the catalyst that transformed my entire life. 


As I learned how to change my habits into positive behaviors, it was like a superpower! I asked myself, "What else can I change about myself?" I made change after change, committed to putting in the hard work to shed all that no longer served me, and breakdown any walls that were still holding me back. To say that soul searching and self-change is difficult is an incredible understatement. But, I've found, making the choice to do the right thing is always the most challenging path to take... the path that requires the most work. It's also the path with the greatest reward. This super hard, deeply complicated, incredibly intense year was the best gift I have ever given myself. I felt a pull, a small voice inside myself, that I was finally evolving into the person I came to this life to be.

Tracey Miles, Reiki Master
Health & Nutrition Coach Cert
Reiki Master Certification
Karuna Ki Reiki Certification
Animal Reiki Certification
Space Clearing Reiki Certificate
Transformation Life Coach Certification
Tarot Reading Certificate
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Certification
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBTO for Eating Disorders Certification

During this tremendous growth period, I became many things, discovering parts of myself I'd buried or hadn't tapped into. I am grateful for, and will forever treasure, the many gifts it brought into my life. Becoming a Health & Life Coach and, most certainly a Reiki Master has allowed me to turn my collective passions into my life purpose. Guiding others to become the whole, healthy, empowered individuals they were meant to be, fills my cup daily and allows me to grow through helping others do the same. 

Dragonfly Transformation & Wellness
I would be thrilled to guide you through any part of your own journey. Having a coach beside you, who genuinely wants to see you succeed, and has the essential tools to assist you, can make all the difference.
Schedule a discovery call today to tell me your own story
and discuss how I can be of assistance. 


Professional Info

Certified Health Coach

Certified Health & Nutrition
Life Coach
Transformation Academy


Certified Transformation
Life Coach

Transformation Academy

Certified Usui Reiki Master

Certified Usui Animal Reiki Practitioner

Certified Karuna Ki Reiki Master

Certified Space Clearing

Reiki Practitioner

Natural Healer™ Institute

Certified Cognitive Behavioural
Therapy (CBT)

The Academy of Modern
Applied Psychology

Certified Cognitive Behavioural
Therapy for Eating Disorders

Accredited by the International Association of Therapists (IAOTH)

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